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Workshop on Kinetic Theory and Fluid Dynamics

We announce the Workshop “Kinetic Theory and Fluid Dynamics:
From micro to macroscopic modeling” on the occasion of Prof. Sone’s 80th  and Prof. Aoki’s 65th birthday (Rakuyu Kaikan, Kyoto, Japan, May 26-28, 2016). The workshop website is here.

曾根良夫先生が80歳を,青木一生先生が65歳を迎えられたことを機会として国際研究会「運動論方程式と流体力学: ミクロからマクロスケールへ」(2016年5月26日-28日,京都大学楽友会館)を開催します.ホームページはこちらです.

Conference in Memory of Seiji Ukai

We announce the RIMS Workshop on Kinetic Modeling and Related Equations: Conference in Memory of Seiji Ukai (Rakuyu Kaikan, Kyoto, Japan, October 28-20, 2013). The conference website is here.